AED-HeartStart FRx

AED-HeartStart FRx
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Many communities are teaming up with their local EMS systems to implement early defibrillation programs to help save lives from sudden cardiac arrest.

A number of studies have shown that there is a higher incidence of sudden cardiac arrest in certain sites.

 These sites are:

Airports  ~  Community and senior citizen centers  ~  Dialysis Centers  ~  Ferries and train terminals  ~  Golf Courses  ~  Health Centers and Gyms   ~  Cardiology, internal and family medicine practices and urgent care centers  ~  Jails  ~  Large industrial sites  ~ Shopping malls  ~  Nursing Homes  ~  Private businesses  ~  Sports and events complexes

 Is your facility ready!!I
HeartStart Onsite AED includes: 
Owners manual
Quick set up guide
Maintenance booklet
Quick reference guide
Pre-installed battery
1 set ofAdult pads
Get our bundle and have everything you will need for your new AED. 
The bundle package includes:
 Standard Wall Cabinet
Infant Response Key
Hard Case
Fast Response Kit

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